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Now is the time to become a member !! If you are a Model A Ford owner, or just thinking about becoming an owner we would welcome you into our club. We are always happy to talk about Model A's, give advice about Model A's (sometimes competing advice too -- its free you know!) to anybody that wants to listen. Dues are only $20 per year and you get to meet a bunch of nice people. Heck you can even come to our meetings and forget about the dues! We are an active club organizing tours from the day trip to the extended tour (i.e. Blue Ridge Parkway, MARC National meets etc.).
There's no excuse to not have fun!

Monday, May 2, 2022

April 30 Strawberry Festival; Wallace, NC

What a beautiful day for a ride in our Model A's. If you missed this outing, there will be another soon. Five Model A's made the journey, below are a few pictures of the day. (John, Mike, Larry, Randall & Grier's Model A's left to right)  

We were greeted appropriately by this huge Strawberry.
Many street vendors and carnival food galore.
This next picture was of a great little train display.

There was also a dinosaur exhibition.
Finally we all had lunch at Sensation Farm House before departing. 
In this next picture you can see that Mike is just amazed at how fast Larry is eating his food!!
It was a fun day -- don't miss the next one!!

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Day Trip to the Riverview Cafe, Sneads Ferry, NC 3/19/2022

We had a wonderful time today in fellowship enjoying our Model A's on a really beautiful March day. Pollen was collecting on our cars, but the sun was shining and the temperature was in the low 70's.

5 Model A's made the trip, Larry & Brenda Rucker, Randall and Roxanne Riggs, Bob and Geri Reid, Max Morton and Grier Fleischhauer all were in attendance. We were especially happy to see Max!

After the very disappointing cancelling of our big trip last year and only one local tour last year, this year our club's goal is to schedule a local outing at least once per month. We know that not everyone will be able to make every trip, but that is okay - make the trips you can! (But know we did miss you!) Some of us are also scheduled to go to the MARC National Meet in Morgantown, PA June 5-11, 2022.

Our next scheduled outing will be to Wallace for the Strawberry Festival. This will be Saturday April 30th. Plans are to meet around 11:30 AM in the Food Lion parking lot (5680 NC HWY 41, Wallace) from there we will go into town and find parking close to the festival - I plan on getting there early to scout out a good place for us to park. There will be crafts and food vendors and local activities to wander about. Stay as long as you wish. 

Below are pictures of today's outing and a movie!.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Coastal Carolina A's Yoder's Amish Restaurant

October 23rd was a fun day for many of our Model A members! Thanks to Randall with the help of a few other members a great day was had. What a great little trip. Started in New Bern over to Bridgeton on the Old Brick Road to Vanceboro. Tour information was narrated by Larry Rucker and continued on to Yoder's Amish Restaurant. Food was exceptionally good and fulfilling. We all had a great time of fellowship and enjoyed a beautiful day riding in the Model A's -- after all that is what its all about! Fellowship and 'A's'

Thanks to all who participated! We need your input for club activities - don't be bashful. Randal put out a suggestion for another small tour to Sneadsferry to gather at the Riverview CafĂ© for the 30th. We have decided to postpone this for now. 

Below are a few images of the trip.

Arrival at Yoder's
Larry and Brenda Rucker
Wayne and Vivian Koga
Donald Croom and Michael Morton
Bill and Chris Ferguson, Kaitlyn, Roxanna and Randall Riggs
And the whole gang!
And check out this movie!

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Day 13 - "Tour From Hell"

Bob does not do mornings well. It takes him awhile to wake up. The day started off with a cold banana nut muffin and hot coffee.  We could see light snow falling outside our window. Bob always drives first, to ensure everything is working fine and the engine is warmed up. We switch drivers when the gas tank is half full, approximately two hours later in normal conditions. 

Today was not a normal day. Wind gusts 30 to 40 mph at intermittent moments combined with 4" play in the steering wheel and the changing crown of the road made for a steering challenge. The temperature was low and kept dropping. Then a freezing rain/snow started. Bob pulling to the side of the road to go pee and scrap the windshield free of ice with my Harris Teeter card. We do not have a heater in the car and in fact Bob has made an extra effort to keep the heat of the engine from coming inside. We had no gloves, quilts, or winter coats. The hotel here in Kanab said they got 4" of snow and it had only stopped snowing at 10 this morning.

The windshield wiper is a new addition to the car and sure paid for its cost today. Bob installed the switch under the dashboard on the left side of the steering wheel - kept catching the sleeve on his jacket on the window knob (He plans on changing it to the other side of the steering wheel). It took quite awhile before it iced up and did not perform adequately and required cleaning.

We made it. A group of them aborted. Cancelled their room here in Kanab and made their reservations in Kayenta. Planned on waiting out the storm and meet up at our next destination. Temperatures tomorrow are supposed to be a low of 19 and a high of 44. We're supposed to go to Bryce Canyon for exploration, dinner and entertainment. Bob had a good hot soak in the tub tonight but don't know whether he's up to another grueling day like today. After all we want to finish this tour safely. NOTE: I'm glad I wasn't driving. 


Monday, October 11, 2021

More from Bob & Geri's Great Ole Southwest Adventure

The following pictures I received last night. Some from a previous day, but it looks like they passed over a deep gorge and found some snow this time! Enjoy !

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Day 8 of Ole Southwest Tour - Bob & Geri

We managed to make it up and down with 156 sharp turns. I don't think pictures will turn out good because of the haze. Up early tomorrow for another long day. We are off for the Royal Gorge Bridge. The bridge has been closed for a long time to cars but our tour leader has arranged for our model A's to drive across stop on the bridge for pictures and then drive back across. Their are also Gondola cars crossing the gorge for us. Then we have to travel fast because we have to get over the Monarch Pass.  Over 11,000 ft. crossing the continental divide.  Destination:  Montrose, Colorado. We may hit snow on this trip. Now, we are "flatlanders" so some of this is a bit scary because there are very few guard rails and you can look a long, long way down. A truck threw up a large rock today and cracked our windshield. Two other Model A's barely missed being hit by an 18 wheeler as it turned over in front of them going too fast in a curve.  Bob & Geri

Friday, October 8, 2021

Day 7 Ole Southwest Tour - Maitou Springs CO

Tomorrow is the big day.  We travel 9 miles up, +14000 ft on the cog railroad up pikes peak.

Today we saw petrified redwood trees. We thought they were only in CA but according to the signage, redwood occupied the entire middle of the US. Then off to the cliff dwellings and Valley of the Gods with their weird rock outcroppings.